Carrying your heart with me

“I carry your heart with me”, he said to her. “I carry it in my heart. I’m never without it”. She smiled at his words and took a deepbreath to prevent her voice from breaking: “I fear no fate. For you are my fate, my love”.

“I want no world”, he responded. “Forbeautiful you are my world, my true.
And it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant”.

They both paused for a split second, thinking what these vows really meant to eachof them;
reminiscing the start of their common journey, the beautiful pathsthey took together.
They longed for all the new adventures lying right in frontof them, starting right that single moment.
“I carry your heart with me”, he said to her.

*Lines taken from “I carry your heart with me (I carryit in)”, E. E. Cummings

VIdeo after the still frames

Starting my journey to Spetses island to meet Raphaël and Iris- a lovely couple coming from France- there was an unusual cloudiness in the sky for this time of year. It was a cloudiness which somehow managed to highlight beautifully the colors around and allowed just a stray of light to break through.

 During Iris’ preparation onthe wedding day, she seemed very excited but; and she was - thankfully-relaxed by a friend of hers, who did her best (As we like to say: Good friends areall you need at your wedding!”). I also did my best to relax her and shepobably realized herself when she told me: “You make me feel secure”- which ispriceless to me. People joined the preparation, drinking champagne and enjoyingthemselves, when her father and step-father stepped in. They were both verymoved.

Since Spetses is an island where cars aren’t allowed in most cobblestone roads, we didn’t have another option than hopping on a motorbike (with all the lights and equipment as well!!)to go and cover the groom’s preparation. It was expected to find the groom with his best men preparing. What was unexpected was seeing one of them still writing his speech, not long before the wedding ceremony!

Going back to the bride, it started drizzling and we all started worrying. So did the bride, I imagine, who stayed alone for a while and seemed very emotional. And then an amazing thing happened: when the bride arrived at Paradise Beach with a carriage drawn by a horse, the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow came out! I still remember the wedding’s Registrar saying, relieved: “You treated us to a rainbow!”

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional. The couple borrowed lines from a poem of E.E. Cummings as vows, which -moving every single one of us- talked about the unconditionality of love. They then shared a warm and genuine kiss, which conveyed their own unconditional love.
On my wayback to Athens, I found myself thinking about them and their beautiful and authentic wedding; as well as the warm hug Iris gave me, thanking me this way for my genuine support and interest.