Love meeting love

The words burst out of the paper lying in front of him and flowed through him, filling the morning air with a sense of freshness. “Alongside you, I have lived the most beautiful moments of my life. You are the guide of our own fairy tale and you ‘ll always be there in every step I take. I love everything about you. But first and foremost, your smile. You were, are and always will be, my little girl. I will always love you.”

He knew well that these words were far more than just words spoken out loud or written on a piece of paper. They were his ever-lasting vows.

VIdeo after the still frames

I first met Myrto and Nikos at their house, a long time ago. The meeting was relaxed and felt like I was just meeting two friends of mine, whom I had known for years. Their hospitality and sense of intimacy felt unreal at first. Until I finally realized that their warm welcome was unpretentious.                                                                                                                                                 They then decided to shoot a pre-wedding video at the most romantic place, called ‘Δρόμος της Αγάπης’ (Road of love) at Vitina, Arcadia (Greece). I just couldn’t believe the scenery when I saw it: a wondrous forest full of maple trees, truly reminding me of fairy tales. It suited them perfectly and was the ideal setting for their love story.

After almost eight and a half years of relationship, their wedding was becoming reality. It was set and coordinated at Laas Estate, an astonishing venue among nature, in Athens’ outskirts. What impressed me the most that day -apart from the beautiful ceremony and party- was Nikos’ surprise to Myrto, through a letter he wrote beforehand and delivered to her, right before the wedding. This letter was for us a modern version of past love stories- so powerful that I still remember filming him while reading it. Even from behind the camera, it was so profound that I left the camera filming long after he had stopped reading.

Ourfriendship has continued till today- one year later- while we are planning atrip to Edinburgh for their “next day” video. In fact, this video will be amovie for two people who have experienced a lot together and are still willingand happy to experience much more. It will be a movie about two people who havegrown up and are still growing together; and whose love also grows with them.